Business Analysts using Python

A "business Analyst" is a general term for business analysis specialists, and business analysis is translated as "business analysis" in Japanese. Business analysis may not be familiar to you, but it generally refers to the visualization of current business, problem analysis, business design, and so on. Therefore, a business Analyst is an expert who performs business visualization, analysis, design, and so on. For example, when a company introduces an information system in business design, a current status survey and problem analysis aimed at improving efficiency are typical jobs of a business Analyst.

What is the power required of Data Analysts?

A Data Analyst is a job that leads to business results by analyzing big Data accumulated in a company.

Although he is a Data Analyst who is active with a high degree of specialization, his work mainly consists of the following three skills.

  • 1. Business skills: Analysis planning ability based on business issues, presentation ability of analysis results
  • 2. Statistical skills: Knowledge and skills related to statistics and machine learning algorithms
  • 3. IT skills: Database and SQL skills, Python, etc. Skills in dealing with programming languages

Changing jobs to a Data Analyst is possible even if you are inexperienced. However, it is advisable to acquire some of the skills required for Data Analysts, such as business and IT skills, based on in-service experience. This is because it is evaluated that catch-up after changing jobs can be done smoothly.


Python is a core skill in building Data analysis models. Applying analytical models such as regression analysis, random forest, and clustering to the Data and tuning the parameters to improve accuracy is done using Python.

Python is a common programming language used for system construction, but it is also famous as a language that is also strong in Data analysis.

Data Analysts often use Python as a weapon for analysis, so having either skill will be highly appreciated in recruitment.

What the business Analyst does

Taking the system development site as an example, the biggest role of a business Analyst is to understand the client's current business and convey the contents, including the management's intentions, to the development department. Clients do not necessarily have a deep knowledge of computer systems, and it is rare that they know what they need at the time of the request. There are often only rough requests such as "I just want to make the work environment more convenient than it is now." That's where business Analysts come in. By communicating closely with the client, we can accurately read the system that the client wants to create.

The next task is to mediate communication with each department related to the project. In addition, we will organize what is necessary to develop and build an IT system and conduct research on cost performance. The project will move along the path created by the business Analyst. Sometimes, a business Analyst goes in the wrong direction, and the entire project strays, resulting in failure.

The key to project success

Have you gained a better understanding of your job as a business Analyst? Business Analysts are essential to the smooth progress of a project. It looks like a profession, but communication skills are also very important jobs. These soft skills will be refined by gaining a lot of practical experience, so it is effective to gain experience with awareness.

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No, you do not require any experience to start this program. But we expect that you should know basic usages of compute system.
No, you do not required any experience to start this program. But we expect that you should know basic usages of compute system.
Minimum educational qualification required is graduation. Most preferred is Science graducation such as BE/Btech, BSC, BBA, BCOM and others.
Yes, we provide interview calls to all our candidates who complete their training program. These interviews are arranged by us based on Alumni references and our corporate engagement.
Your relationship manager will get in touch with you to complete your training program. They will extend the training duration if needed.
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I joined Nikhil Analytics last year, to change my career path, and had an overall amazing experience. The teaching is much better than college teaching. If you are willing to learn the teachers will help you in every way to grasp the concept, and they made us practice using real world Data which is very important.

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