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The basic online course is associated with the "Machine Learning and Data Science" training program that seeks to train professionals from all areas in the basic concepts of computer programming for problem-solving through designing and implementing programs in the Python programming language. It is conceived as a massive, open, and self-directed online course, available on the online learning platform.

This type of study is considered the best option to enter the world of Data science. This online cycle is considered the ideal initiation for the Diploma: "Training Program - Machine Learning and Data Science."

Which language is used for machine learning?

"Machine learning" is a hot topic, but let's take a look at what programming languages are used.

The following languages are commonly used in machine learning.

  • Python
  • R
  • Octave
  • C/C ++
  • Java

You can choose from multiple languages when building machine learning models, but one of the most popular is. That is "Python."

So why is Python the preferred choice for machine learning engineers in the first place? Let's look at the "four reasons" Python is used in machine learning.

1. Reliability as a language

It's hard to say "reliability" in general, but if you think that Python supports the services of many large tech companies, it's easy to understand reliability. The well-known Python tech companies include YouTube, Instagram, Pinterest, and Dropbox. It is well known that Python is used as the basis of these services.

2. Simple syntax

Next, one of the reasons why Python is used in machine learning is the syntax (grammar) of Python. One of the things that Python is often said to be a big difference from other languages is the readability and simplicity of Python's code.

If you've already touched Python, you'll be convinced that Python allows you to write really simple and minimal code, especially reading code written by other engineers in other languages. It's very easy to compare.

Programming is not the only task for machine learning engineers and Data scientists. Machine learning engineers and Data scientists prefer to use Python because it has a minimal and easy-to-understand syntax.

3. Suitable for programming beginners

The third reason why Python is the preferred language for machine learning is that Python is an easy language for beginners. When you hear about artificial intelligence and machine learning, many people may think of it as a skilled programmer with superb skills. Still, in reality, if you follow the background of many machine learning engineers and Data scientists, you will find that " Many people have specialized in " math " and " statistics. "

On the other hand, those who have mainly done mathematics and statistics do not have the knowledge and experience that form the basis of programming. So, they liked to use Python, which is simple, easy to read, and relatively easy to learn even for beginners.

Benefits of Python for machine learning

  • Large and well-supported community
  • The number of Python libraries created and supported by the active open source community is very large, especially in the area of Data science. In addition, educational material on this subject is easy to find, from detailed research papers to video tutorials.

  • Free open source
  • Price is also one of the factors to consider. This high accessibility is one of the main reasons Python has a high adoption rate among Data scientists and general programmers. Python is also open source, which is why we have such a large and vibrant community.

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No, you do not require any experience to start this program. But we expect that you should know basic usages of compute system.
No, you do not required any experience to start this program. But we expect that you should know basic usages of compute system.
Minimum educational qualification required is graduation. Most preferred is Science graducation such as BE/Btech, BSC, BBA, BCOM and others.
Yes, we provide interview calls to all our candidates who complete their training program. These interviews are arranged by us based on Alumni references and our corporate engagement.
Your relationship manager will get in touch with you to complete your training program. They will extend the training duration if needed.
No, you can not transfer your enrollment.

Mythri Gowda

I had a very good experience with the Nikhil Analytics Team. I had joined for Data Analytics course in which Advanced Excel, SQL, Tableau and Python were very well taught with the hands on sessions. Through their placement assistance I was able to get a job as an Analyst in a good MNC company with a decent package as a fresher. Thankful for the NAT team.

Chinmayee Panda

I have had a great learning experience with Nikhil Analytics. I joined to learn Tableau, SQL, python, advanced excel and machine learning And all these concepts were well taught to me from scratch. Even I was able to crack a job because of this. It's a great place to learn and develop analytical skills.


I joined Nikhil Analytics last year, to change my career path, and had an overall amazing experience. The teaching is much better than college teaching. If you are willing to learn the teachers will help you in every way to grasp the concept, and they made us practice using real world Data which is very important.

Akash Kumar

Had a great experience by doing course at Nikhil Analytics. After having 6.5 years of experience I had a doubt in mind that will I be able to do course and switch my job. But joining Nikhil Analytics was the best decision I took. Here course is designed in an organized way and in online sessions also the faculty teaches in such a way that full course become easy to understand and all the doubts are cleared. Assignments, Tests and project help to understand the concept in a better way. Mock Interview help us alot to get prepared for the interview. Thank you Nikhil Analytics, specially Alok Sir and Dyuti Ma'am.

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