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Microsoft Power BI is the industry standard for BI and Analytics. The Power BI service is hosted and distributed through Microsoft's Azure Cloud. For individual users or power users, it is also feasible to develop intricate Data mashups by using in-house Data sources as sources of Data. In Power BI, a single design tool may be used for a variety of purposes, including the preparation of Data, the finding of Data, and the development of dashboards. In addition to this, the platform boasts a sizable user community that helps to expand the usefulness of the product.

Here is a selection of the Best Power BI training and courses for individuals who want to develop their Data Analytics skills for the purpose of work advancement or career advancement.

  • Microsoft Power BI - A Complete Introduction
  • Learn Power BI
  • Microsoft Power BI - Up & Running with Power BI Desktop
  • Getting Started with Power BI
  • Effective Reporting with Power BI
  • Introduction to Power BI

Power BI training for Analyst

With this certification of Power BI training for Analyst, you will learn how to use the Power BI platform to discover new Data insights, which can then be used to create Data visualizations that are simple enough for anyone on your team or in your company to comprehend.

If you understand on-premises and cloud Data repositories and processes, you're suited for Power BI Data Analyst Associate. In addition to this, you are a Power BI expert who assists businesses in making the most of the opportunities presented by the program to make the most of their Data. You are tasked with developing scalable Data models, cleaning and repurposing the information that already exists, and enabling cutting-edge analytic capabilities that bring value to the operations of the firm. In addition, you collaborate closely with important stakeholders who come from a variety of different backgrounds in order to deliver insights that may be acted upon based on clearly defined business needs.

Power BI training Benefits

In order to accomplish tasks such as:

  • In Power BI Desktop, the process of Data transformation consists of connecting to Data sources, performing transformations, and finally cleaning the Data.
  • These classes on modeling and visualizing Data will teach you how to build your own Data models or optimize the ones you already have, create calculated tables and columns, track the performance of each employee using key performance indicators (KPIs), gauges, and cards, develop organizational hierarchies, and manage custom reporting solutions. You will also gain the knowledge necessary to track the performance of each employee using KPIs, gauges, and cards.
  • In the Power BI service, configure Dashboards, Reports, and Apps - Students will learn how to develop and publish dashboards as well as how to incorporate reports into their work. In addition to that, it instructs students on how to construct dashboards, essays, and applications with safety in mind. After passing the Power BI certification test, you will be able to configure app workspaces as well as apps themselves.
  • When Power BI is integrated into a cloud environment, memory and performance limits are alleviated, which makes it possible for Data to be retrieved and analyzed in a timely manner.

Power BI training near me

In the Power BI certification course, you'll learn about a variety of Power BI components, including Microsoft Power BI Desktop styles, BI reports, dashboards, and Power BI DAX commands and functions, to name just a few. The training that you receive in Power BI will show you how to interact with Data in a variety of different ways, from experimenting with it to repairing, preparing, and presenting it to others. As a consequence of this, participating in Power BI training near me is the choice that will benefit me the most

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Comparatively speaking, the learning curve for Power BI is comparable to that of other Data analysis tools.
Yes! Azure, which is Microsoft's cloud computing platform, has Power BI as one of its features. Your efforts to handle Data can be transformed into Analytics and reports that give real-time insights into your organization when you use Azure services in conjunction with Power BI.
Yes! However, Direct Query in Power BI Service is subject to a number of restrictions. You are only allowed to carry out a certain number of "transformations" on your Data while using Direct connections; however, you are free to carry out any number of transformations you want when importing. The ins and outs of Power BI transformations will be discussed at length during our session on Data model design.
Training is recommended for those who wish to get the most of the Power BI program. In this course, you will learn how to master the process of constructing dashboards from published reports, gain deeper insights from the Data, and create useful Power BI recipes. These are just some of the things that you will learn.
Nikil Analytics provides a wide range of training options, ensuring that there is something suitable for each and every student. The training that our pupils receive is both fun and helpful thanks to our trainers' positive moods and their passionate demeanor.
• We maintain a diverse range of professional relationships;
• We offer our training in a number of different settings, such as in-class, at a distance, online, and in a combination of these.
• Our teachers and evaluators have a wealth of knowledge in their respective fields, and as a result, they are able to offer pupils a variety of additional advantages.
• In addition, our offices provide students with access to contemporary workstations, as well as online learning platforms, in-classroom instruction, and specialized workshops;
• Following an initial consultation, the training programs that we design for each customer are customized to meet the particular requirements that they have outlined.
• As a part of our courses, we will make arrangements for you to take part in simulated training as well as job placements in the real world;
No, you can not transfer your enrollment.

Mythri Gowda

I had a very good experience with the Nikhil Analytics Team. I had joined for Data Analytics course in which Advanced Excel, SQL, Tableau and Python were very well taught with the hands on sessions. Through their placement assistance I was able to get a job as an Analyst in a good MNC company with a decent package as a fresher. Thankful for the NAT team.

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I have had a great learning experience with Nikhil Analytics. I joined to learn Tableau, SQL, python, advanced excel and machine learning And all these concepts were well taught to me from scratch. Even I was able to crack a job because of this. It's a great place to learn and develop analytical skills.


I joined Nikhil Analytics last year, to change my career path, and had an overall amazing experience. The teaching is much better than college teaching. If you are willing to learn the teachers will help you in every way to grasp the concept, and they made us practice using real world Data which is very important.

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Had a great experience by doing course at Nikhil Analytics. After having 6.5 years of experience I had a doubt in mind that will I be able to do course and switch my job. But joining Nikhil Analytics was the best decision I took. Here course is designed in an organized way and in online sessions also the faculty teaches in such a way that full course become easy to understand and all the doubts are cleared. Assignments, Tests and project help to understand the concept in a better way. Mock Interview help us alot to get prepared for the interview. Thank you Nikhil Analytics, specially Alok Sir and Dyuti Ma'am.

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