Python Programming using ML

To get started in Machine Learning Using Python Programming, we offer a thorough course that covers all the bases. A hands-on approach is used to teach you how to design algorithms using Python and ML ideas and supervised and unsupervised learning and statistical modeling. Take advantage of this opportunity to begin a rewarding career in Machine Learning right away.

  • Doing is the best way to learn Immersive training in Machine Learning Training with Python with a mix of theory, practical exercises, group discussions, assignments, and in-depth Q&A sessions.
  • Energetic and engaging in the modern world Learn more about the course by asking questions and participating in discussions.
  • Extensively mentored by industry experts Participate in discussions and ask questions to learn more about the course.
  • A thinking method of learning Don't limit yourself to acquiring only theoretical or practical skills. To fully comprehend a subject, it is necessary to simplify it to the simplest form possible.
  • Professional analysis of the code Professional developers can provide quick and accurate feedback on your tasks and projects.
  • Build things You'll study the ideas using real-world applications, and we'll help you build a portfolio of projects as you go.
  • Registration that lasts forever Enrollment in any upcoming batches is free for life to let you brush up on the material.
  • Experts draw up the coursework Experts plan and prepare the curriculum at several stages to keep the themes and modules current with daily advances in technology.
  • Find time to study where ever you may be With the help of the teachers and the other participants, you will learn how to use collaborative means to exchange ideas and enhance your coding skills.

Python with Machine LEARNING

  • Learning Machines with Python Get familiar with Python's Data manipulation and preprocessing libraries.
  • Machine learning fundamentals explained in simple terms This introductory course will teach the fundamentals of machine learning, such as supervised and unsupervised learning.
  • Methods of Enhancement Optimization strategies can help you identify the minor possible inaccuracy in your model.
  • Learning Under Guidance Use KNN Classification, Bayesian Classifiers, and Linear and Logistic Regression to learn more about Data analysis.
  • Learning without a teacher Learn about K-means Clustering and Hierarchical Clustering to better grasp Unsupervised Learning.
  • Musical Instrumentation Predictive performance can be improved by using several learning methods.
  • Networks of neurons Classify images based on their emotional content using Neural Networks (NN).

Machine Learning Training Benefits

Customizing the client experience to meet the needs of each individual

More people will be drawn to your product or service due to ML Training with python, and these people will become repeat consumers. As a result of this Data, you'll be able to better serve your customers by customizing your platform.

If a person had searched for "red sneakers" and had previously viewed middle-priced shoes from a specific brand, they might be more likely to purchase them. With this information, your platform will be able to provide exactly what clients need. When a user searches for a particular brand, the system will automatically generate suitable recommendations for middle-priced red sneakers.

On the whole, by doing machine learning training course from us to personalize the customer experience, you'll gain:

  • increased revenue due to increased customer engagement;
  • increased customer satisfaction and, thus, higher brand loyalty;
  • less time on research compared to the traditional methods of statistics;
  • savings on staff, office, and equipment.

Automated Work Processes

Production speed is increased by delegating manual and repetitive operations to a machine. The higher the quality of the task, the more it reduces the chance of human error and Data duplication. In addition, you won't have to hire a developer every time you want to adjust the company's workflow. Your platform will be able to continuously enhance its performance and alter company procedures without human intervention.
Because of this, by utilizing machine learning training from us to automate business processes, you can:

  • make products and provide services faster;
  • cut expenses on software maintenance;
  • save money on staff by delegating workload to machines;
  • save time on finding human resources to do the job;
  • make high-quality products by removing human error;
  • reduce administrative tasks and paperwork; etc.
Accurately predicting a situation's result

Companies that use ML's predictive powers have an advantage over traditional statistical methods, which are still in the research phase. Predictions made by machine learning (ML) can be used in two ways:

Predicted customer preferences. The machine learning algorithm can discern between normal and abnormal behavior patterns based on consumer Data. It's possible to foresee changes in demand for your products, features, or services and develop the most effective marketing plans to increase sales by using this information. In addition, you'll have a better idea of how much time and materials you'll need to spend on production if you know what consumers want.

Changes in the market are expected. Businesses of all sizes can have their systems designed to analyze vast amounts of Data and predict future developments or trends. When it comes to using movements faster than your competitors and indicating business dangers, you'll be able to do so.

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• Basic understanding of computer programming;
• Basic understanding of statistics
For anyone interested in applying machine learning algorithms to real-world business situations, this course is for you. This course is also ideal for software and Data engineers who want to learn more about quantitative analysis and machine learning.
This will be a virtual classroom where an educator will conduct live, interactive training.

Mythri Gowda

I had a very good experience with the Nikhil Analytics Team. I had joined for Data Analytics course in which Advanced Excel, SQL, Tableau and Python were very well taught with the hands on sessions. Through their placement assistance I was able to get a job as an Analyst in a good MNC company with a decent package as a fresher. Thankful for the NAT team.

Chinmayee Panda

I have had a great learning experience with Nikhil Analytics. I joined to learn Tableau, SQL, python, advanced excel and machine learning And all these concepts were well taught to me from scratch. Even I was able to crack a job because of this. It's a great place to learn and develop analytical skills.


I joined Nikhil Analytics last year, to change my career path, and had an overall amazing experience. The teaching is much better than college teaching. If you are willing to learn the teachers will help you in every way to grasp the concept, and they made us practice using real world Data which is very important.

Akash Kumar

Had a great experience by doing course at Nikhil Analytics. After having 6.5 years of experience I had a doubt in mind that will I be able to do course and switch my job. But joining Nikhil Analytics was the best decision I took. Here course is designed in an organized way and in online sessions also the faculty teaches in such a way that full course become easy to understand and all the doubts are cleared. Assignments, Tests and project help to understand the concept in a better way. Mock Interview help us alot to get prepared for the interview. Thank you Nikhil Analytics, specially Alok Sir and Dyuti Ma'am.

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