Benefits of Big Data Analytics

Benefits of Big Data Analytics

By using big Data, you can discover the needs of customers and the characteristics of your company that has been overlooked. The use of Data is now attracting attention in industries such as medical care and agriculture. It can be said that it is indispensable for expanding business and improving business performance.

What is big Data?

It refers to a huge amount of Data that a usual system is not capable to process. Many people will recognize it as one of the marketing terms often used by information system manufacturers for enterprises. Big Data has exploded due to the spread of cloud computing, SNS, and smartphones in recent years, and big Data is still being generated. There is no clear definition for big Data, and no regularity is common to all huge amounts of Data. However, it is generally judged using the "three V concepts" of "Volume (Data volume)," "Variety (Data type/format)," and "Velocity (Data generation speed)." In other words, big Data does not simply refer to a huge amount of Data but uses Data with various characteristics.

Benefits of big Data

Conventional systems could not manage big Data, so the range of Data that could be managed and analyzed was limited. By recording, storing, and analyzing large-scale Data groups that have been overlooked due to such a lack of management, it is expected that the possibility of developing new mechanisms and systems that could not be realized with conventional systems will increase. Many companies are paying attention to it as contributing to business expansion. In fact, major companies also manage and analyze big Data to improve sales and create optimal purchasing methods. It is said to be a company that has grown significantly.

  • Big Data use cases
  • It is said that big Data contributes greatly to corporate growth by using it efficiently and effectively. How do companies that actually use big Data reflect it in their businesses? Introducing examples of using big Data by occupation.

  • Manufacturing
  • In the manufacturing industry, the use of big Data has led to the emergence of sales methods that have significantly changed the conventional wisdom of the manufacturing industry.

  • Catering
  • In the restaurant industry, accurate demand forecasts from big Data are effective in promoting sales and reducing costs.

  • EC industry
  • In the EC industry, it is said that sales can be improved by about 30% just by using the recommendation function. Still, it is possible to improve business performance by providing recommendations tailored to customers using big Data.

  • Medical industry
  • In the medical industry as well, efforts that utilize big Data are flourishing, and the development of regenerative medicine is also expected.

  • Agriculture
  • By utilizing big Data for agriculture, it will be easier to grasp the progress of work and the condition of crops affected by the natural environment.


In all industries, using big Data is viewed as crucial. In order to further improve sales and work efficiency, the first step is to grasp and analyze Data related to your company's business.